Hello World!

Here in Boston, a gray sky hangs over a snowy white ground and the air is balmy with a 33 degree temperature. All I can think about as I sit inside and stare at the dreary landscape outside of my window is, “Where else can I go?” I want to travel the globe. It doesn’t matter where I go, I just want to explore. Traveling can help the soul, experiencing different cultures makes a person grow, living abroad changes perspectives.

Where do I want to go? Spain and South America. I just started taking Spanish classes because after six years of Latin, I realized that I should probably learn another language that people actually speak. Of course I want to go to France and Italy, but I would love to see India, Russia, Egypt, South Africa, Norway, Belarus, Serbia, and so many other places. As an aspiring travel writer, I can’t help but wanderlust (I love that word). Backpacking and hiking are also loves of mine. I want to trek across the globe!

So, welcome to my blog where I will post my experiences with traveling locally and abroad. Join me as I experience the world one step at a time!