The Beginnings of my Adventure through the South End

I am currently working on an article about the South End of Boston. I want to discover the hidden charm about this neighborhood. I think that the charm can be found within the neighborhood’s rich culture and history.

While the South End is one of Boston’s most famous neighborhoods, it is not as well known as Downtown Boston or Beacon Hill. The streets of this trendy neighborhood are lined with red-brick townhouses that echo the architecture of the late Victorians and the Greek and Renaissance revival eras. The area is filled with parks, gardens, and more playgrounds per square foot than any other Boston neighborhood. The South End was named “the largest urban Victorian neighborhood in the country” on the National Register of Historic Places. The area houses many artist’s galleries and studios, the Boston Ballet, the Boston Center for the Arts, and a plethora of restaurants with cuisines varying from Greek to Venezuelan.

I want to dive into the South End and fill myself with its charm and historic value. Throughout my writing process, I will post pictures that inspire me and captions from my story. Looking forward to my journey through the South End.