How to Pack Your Suitcase

Do you struggle to zip your suitcase closed? Are there clothes falling out of the bag everywhere? Then you may suffer from what I call the “Bad Packers Syndrome.”

Whether your vacation is three days or three months, packing a bag for a trip can be the hardest part for any traveler. Here are a few tips to make packing easier.

First of all, figure out what you really need for the trip. Try making a list of every item you plan on bringing with you on your vacation. It should look something like this:

Bottoms: jeans (2) corduroys (1) slacks (3) shorts (2) leggings (1)

Tops: tshirts (5) long sleeve shirts (2) blouse (1) etc…

Try to get rid of things that you really don’t need. A good way to do this is to plan out your outfits, that way you will not overpack. Remember, think about what you will really need. Are you actually going to wear that blue sequined dress, the six extra skirts you brought, or the white linen pants?

Plan accordingly for the specific climate you are traveling to. Think about whether its hot during the day and cooler at night. You may need to incorporate both warm and cooler weather clothing. Check the weather of your destination before you leave.

Then you want to actually start packing. Start with your shoes on the bottom and put each pair side by side. Then put in your shirts. Fold them or roll them so that you can fit as many as you need. Follow with sweaters and pants. These will compress the shirts even more and flatten everything out. For more delicate items, such as blouses or dresses, lay these on top of everything else to reduce wrinkling.

As for toiletries, put your products into small reusable bottles, then put everything in a sturdy zippered bag. Same as the clothing, remember not to overpack your toiletries.

You want to make sure that you aren’t stuffing things into your bag or sitting on it to close it. Follow these steps and you should be able to fit everything into your suitcase comfortably.

Good luck and happy travels!