How to Survive Traveler’s Anxiety

Today I am taking the T to Harvard Square from Downtown Boston to go to Waltham for the weekend. It is a fifteen minute, twenty minute maximum ride on the subway. No biggie right? Well, unfortunately, I suffer from Traveler’s Anxiety. I get sweaty palms, an accelerated pulse, a bit jittery, and I become a little bit like a crazy person. I am not afraid of traveling, its that I get really excited about going someplace else. So if you are like me, you love traveling but get anxiety over it, or if you get nervous about the idea of travel, here is what you should do:

1. Organize yourself: Make sure that everything that you need to get done for your trip, whether long or short, is done a few hours before you have to leave. Have everything packed, all errands completed, all checklists checked. For example, last night, even though I am going twenty minutes outside of the city for four days, I packed my LeSportsac bag with all of my clothing, accessories, and toiletries that I knew I would need, and then set the bag aside. Now, when it is time for me to leave and head out to Waltham, my bag will be ready and waiting for me. A quick grab n’ go routine that I think I have perfected.

2. Print & Plan: Thank god for the fact that we can print out plane tickets 24 hours before the check-in time. If you are worried about being late, print out your tickets ahead of time, that way you can skip the tedious check-in process and head straight for the even more annoying security line. Make sure not to lose your ticket once you have printed it out. Put it someplace where you are certain it won’t be misplaced. Now, plan! For flights, I like to leave a couple hours before my flight

3. Relax, and everything will be okay: Once you have packed all of your things and are basically ready to go, sit down. Watch some tv. Listen to music. Do whatever it is that makes you feel relaxed and at ease.

4. Security Lines: Oh here we go. The dreaded security checks at airports. This is stressful no matter what you do. You feel rushed because the people behing you feel rushed, and then everyone drops everything, is bumping into one another, and freaking out about the large. plastic bins for all of their stuff. But here are some ideas. I take off my shoes and take out my laptop before I even get in line. I also put my extra layers into my carry on so that I don’t have to deal with three bins of things. Always keep your ticket and I.D. on your person. It will be annoying if you have to dig through your carry on to look for these. Keep them in a pocket so that you can easily access them.

Hopefully some of these tips will help with the Traveler’s Anxiety. So get traveling!