What Not to Wear to the Airport

My mom always used to tell me, “Going to the airport is a treat, so you have to get dressed up. You never know who you will see or meet.” Back in her day, her parents made her wear black patent leather shoes, a white lace dress, with her hair pressed in curls to just welcome or say goodbye to someone at the airport. When I was younger I always thought “Psh okay, I am flying for five hours on a redeye to Costa Rica. SWEATPANTS!” So I did that, behind my mother’s back, and when I look back at pictures of myself in airports for school trips, I look awful. Sometimes, mothers are always right.

Now that I am older, and I see pre-teens or even grown women trudging through the airport wearing sweatpants tucked into their UGG boots, and slouchy sweaters dragging their feet and duffle bags across the floor, I groan. There is a difference between being comfortable and being grimy. So, here is what not and what to wear to the airport:

DON’T: Try not just rolling out of bed and heading to the airport.Brush your hair, brush your teeth, and get out of those pajamas.

DO: Wear dark blue jeans, a simple shirt, a sweater, and zipped boots. If you are tired, put on some bright lipstick and sunglasses.

DON’T: Try not to let your underwear hang out of your pants. It is not hard.

DO: Think about the luggage you are bringing. Be organized and stay away from duffel bags. There is nothing more annoying than having to wait in the security line behind someone who cannot seem to get their laptop and toiletry baggy out.

The last time I was flying home to Rochester, NY from Boston, I saw a lot of my mom’s old coworkers from ITT. Thankfully, I was wearing a dress, tights, and boots. I can only imagine my mother picking me up from the airport saying, “So, one of my former coworkers just called me saying that she thought she saw my daughter. But that it could not have been her since her underwear were hanging out of her pants.”Adhere to these few Do’s and Don’ts and you will be fine at the airport.