Future Islands Hit Up the Bug Jar

Future Islands blew up the Bug Jar in Rochester, Ny. The openers, The Josh Netsky Band and Ed Schraeder’s Music Beat, were engaging and received joyful applause from the audience. The first played folky songs about abandoned places around America, with sounds seemingly influenced by The Shins and Fleet Foxes. Music Beat mixed sounds from the 50s with 80s garage punk for an interesting, yet entertaining set. But, the audience really wanted the Baltimore based pop-rock band. Raging hipsters, drunk off cans of Genesee, jammed until 1am to the epic, synth-filled beats. The lead, Sam Herring, sang with brash growls and bitter belts. The combination of his vocals and the instruments was reminiscent of a seaside party. With sounds like a combination of Beach House and Absofacto, Future Islands made a lasting impression on Rochester’s music scene. For anyone who could not attend, you really missed out on a deliriously fun, moshing frenzy!

Performance: 5 out of 5 stars

Atmosphere: 4 out of 5 stars – besides the rude jerks who pushed their way through the crowd, everything was thrilling.

Future Islands – Tin Man

Future Islands – Vireo’s Eye

Future Islands – Balance