Oooh Ohio

This past weekend, I went on a road trip down to Oberlin, OH to visit a friend at Oberlin College. The route was unexpectedly idyllic in places. 

When I arrived in Oberlin, and after a goofy reunion with my childhood friend, I fell in love. The town was tiny, with two main roads, and the college was beautiful. It was a gorgeous, sunny afternoon, and all was well. I wrote this in my journal later that evening: “Those places where you immediately feel like you can be the person you want yo be, should be, upon arrival.” Oberlin has a carefree atmosphere that I thrived in.

“Chance Creek” is a spot worthy of any traveler’s time. A short hike took me down to this small creek that was bustling with Oberlin students. After a about an hour, the place cleared out, and the animals started to appear. Large fish swam upstream, hawks circled in the sky, and water snakes glided through the water. The water itself was cool and refreshing.

The Oberlin Arboretum is a calm place to sit and watch the stars come out slowly. While the sign says “No Swimming,” people do anyway.

After saying goodbye to new and old friends at Oberlin, I drove south to Columbus along some good ol’ country routes. The bridge pictured below is in the Three Rivers Park just outside of the city. The sun was setting and casting a warm glow, and this bridge looked like it was leading anywhere.

The next day, it was back to Rochester. So I hit the road early, and started on the 7 1/2 hour drive. This way, while longer, was much prettier. It  took me through beautiful countryside, past quaint dairy and wheat farms, and into tiny towns.

About fifteen miles outside of Buffalo, NY is a rest stop with a bridge that crosses the thruway (I-90E). Stormy clouds were forming after a 90 degree day.

If you want a fun, different trip, head down to Oberlin and then spend some time driving around in Ohio. I found it charming and very pretty.

Make sure you have a good playlist, and be sure to check out Paste Magazine’s 50 States Challenge. There are some good local Ohio bands that are making it big. Walk the Moon and Cloud Nothings are incredible in my opinion.

Walk the Moon – Anna Sun

Cloud Nothings – Stay Useless

Happy Travels.