Opa! at the Greek Festival 2012

Today was the third day of the annual Rochester Greek Festival. Located behind and held by the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, hundreds of people gathered to listen to Greek music, dance like Zorba, and indulge in foods like baklava, gyros, and souvlaki. Here are some various photographs from the day:

Some bottles of Ouzon Soda, a non-alcoholic, carbonated beverage made from pure cane sugar. It tastes like licorice.

A small table featuring various Greek groceries.

Baklava Ice Cream? Yes! It was amazing. Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and baklava on top. Opa!

Onlookers enjoying the show.

This man danced for almost a half hour, showing off his Zorba-esque moves. He clapped, hopped, and threw his legs into the air so enthusiastically that others joined in on the fun.

Another man was doing the same, just a bit slower.

Some tiny fans of the dancing.

The band was KILLING it! They played festive, authentic Greek music throughout the time I was at the festival.

Kids showed unadulterated joy when sliding down the blow-up slides at the fastest speeds possible.

Young girls grabbed members from the audience to join them in an authentic Greek dance the Hora.

Some scalding, Greek coffee.

I like to call these Honey Covered Yummies.

Twin girls twirled and danced to the live music. Adorable.

My mom and sister enjoying the baklava. So good.

The Rochester Greek Festival offers a good look into the Greek culture, and allowed me to get in touch with my 12.5% Greek blood. The festivities occur during the first weekend of June every year, so if you want to eat great food, listen to awesome music, and find a place to entertain the kids, for FREE, check this out. For more information, check out the official site.

Happy Travels!