I’m Partying!: Spring Awakening Music Festival 2012

The Spring Awakening Music Festival, not to be confused with the popular musical, was an amazing experience! Everyone who was there was thoroughly enjoying everything about the festival. The DJs were insane, the fans were crazed, the sun was shining, and everything was perfect, except that the water was $4.75 a bottle. For two days, we danced and frolicked without a care in the world.

I flew into Chicago on Friday, June 15th, a day before the actual festival, with a friend and we stayed at my step-brother’s apartment in Evanston. The next day, Saturday, June 16th, we ventured into the city by way of the CTA. The trip was about an hour.

After getting somewhat lost, and hopping some fences, we made it to Soldier Field. You could hear the deep bass drops from far outside the stadium grounds.

We felt under-dressed and over-dressed as soon as we walked in. Girls were wearing tutus and  neon, fuzzy, knee-high boots, then others were just wearing bikinis; the guys were either shirtless, showing off their abs, or completely covered in neon-colored garb.

The music was wild! There were four stages and each one was filled with sweaty people dancing, swaying, and waiting for that dubstep drop. The headliner for the first night was Skrillex, but the other DJs that day were amazing as well. To name a few, Dillon Francis, Porn & Chicken and Kill the Noise are just a few that absolutely killed it with their sets.

At 10pm, all the other shut down, except for Da Main Stage–it was time for Skrillex. One word: incredible. About halfway through his set, it started raining. Skrillex said “Let’s hope this rain doesn’t kill me!” and the crowd went wild. There is something really special about dancing to dubstep in the pouring rain. I was having an awesome time, but the rest of my group was miserable, so we head out around 11pm before the end of the set.

After a two hour commute back to Evanston, the seven of us passed out on couches and air mattresses. We had to be ready for Day 2.

We decided to drive for the second day of the festival, Sunday, June 17th. Parking was a pain, and we ended up having to hop the same fence we did the day before. But, we made it. Day 2 was just as great as Day 1, if not better. The DJs were playing gnarly sets and the crowds were loving it. The headliner for the second night was Afrojack, but the other DJs were great too: Carl Cox, Flux Pavillion, Diplo, and Datsik are just a couple that we saw that day.

Just like the day before, at 10pm, all the other stages, except for Da Main Stage, shut down in preparation for Afrojack. He killed it. People were freaking out more than they had for Skrillex, which I found surprising. I left that night with a newfound love for Afrojack’s music.

The first Spring Awakening Music Festival was a complete success and I hope that it becomes an annual event. I don’t know how the next year could possibly top this one, but I’m sure it will, and it will be beyond anything I could imagine. If you get the chance, go to the next one for an excuse to dance the days away. It was all so worth it.

Check out some of these tracks from just a few of the DJs that played.

Skrillex – Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites

Afrojack – Take Over Control (Dutch Radio Edit) [feat. Eva Simons]

Freestylers – Cracks Feat. Belle Humble (Flux Pavilion Rmx)

Diplo – Express Yourself (feat. Nicky Da B)

Datsik – Gizmo

Kill The Noise – Kill The Noise (Part I)

Carl Cox – I Want You (Forever) – Deadmau5 Remix

Dillon Francis – I.D.G.A.F.O.S.

Click here for a full list of all the Djs.

Happy Travels!