Travel Easy: Toothy Tabs

I am always trying to find the perfect travel-sized products to make my life more travel-friendly. Better to more easily pack up and go. The tiny toothbrushes are fantastic and mini toothpaste tubes are pretty decent, but I have found something even better.

One of my good friends started working at LUSH Cosmetics this summer, and she has opened me up to a bunch of new, wild things. My latest travel companion is one of these LUSH products. The Toothy Tabs. What? What are those? They are solid toothpaste tabs, and they are really weird. But so good!

Toothy Tabs are vegan, free of preservatives, and work just as well as Crest toothpaste from a plastic tube. Here’s how to use them. Take a tab, place it in your mouth and chew it up a little bit. The tab will dissolve into a paste. Wet your toothbrush and brush your teeth as usual. Spit, rinse, and there you have it! Fresh. Clean. Toothy Tabs.

Now, the reason why I am so into these right now is because they are amazing for hiking and overnight backpacking trips. For any hiker, amateur to avid, the weight of the pack you carry can make or break you. Trying to figure out how many pounds you will be lugging around is difficult. All of the tiny things add up to a surprising final amount. I never realized that toothpaste, face cleanser, deodorant, and all the other necessary hygienic products can all weigh so much. But that is what is so perfect about Toothy Tabs.

Each box comes with maybe 40 tabs–I can’t be sure without emptying out the entire box, but trust me, there are a lot–and the total weight is 0.4 oz. The travel-sized tube of Colgate Total is 0.75 oz. While 0.35 oz. doesn’t seem like a lot, it can add up. Shaving weight wherever you can will help your back in the end.

Usually, I do overnight trips with a group of people, and in order to save weight, we carry one tube of toothpaste for everyone. Since there are so many Toothy Tabs, each person can have one and it will be like carrying nothing.

I only use Toothy Tabs when I travel or go camping because they are $3.95 per box, but they are great for everyday use. They come in a wide variety of flavors: Sparkle (Vanilla), Atomic (Coffee and Cinnamon), Dirty (Mint), Ultrablast (Wasabi), Chou Chou…I Love You (Lemon and Rose), Aquatic (Earl Grey Tea and Lime), and Breath of God (Sandalwood). Find your flavor and enjoy the fresh, clean, natural feeling you’ll get from Toothy Tabs by LUSH.

For more information on Toothy Tabs and other LUSH products, check out their site.

Happy Travels!