Going Rogue with Nike’s #MakeItCount

Nike commissioned filmmaker Casey Neistat to create an ad based around the slogan “Make It Count.” But, instead of making a traditional, scripted commercial, he took that money and went on a 10-day… Continue reading

Shape Up to Hike Up

The time is almost upon us! Summer hiking season is approaching quickly! And in order to reach the summit, you need to get your body ready. Hiking is rigorous and difficult. I don’t… Continue reading

Future Islands Hit Up the Bug Jar

Future Islands blew up the Bug Jar in Rochester, Ny. The openers, The Josh Netsky Band and Ed Schraeder’s Music Beat, were engaging and received joyful applause from the audience. The first played… Continue reading

White Woods as Hipster Hillbillies

ROCHESTER, Ny The Boulder Coffee Company was full of 20-somethings doing the Twist  as the Rochester-area band White Woods played tracks off their debut album Transfixical. Flannel-wearers and Blue Moon drinkers happily twirled… Continue reading

The Funny Shy Guy

Rick Jenkins was the tutor for the class clowns in elementary and middle school. “I was never the rambunctious kid who tried pot or got in trouble,” Jenkins said. So, he told the… Continue reading

The Best Trail Mixes

Since summer is almost upon us, and the hiking season is about to begin, I thought I would serve up some different recipes for trail mixes. There are so many different types for… Continue reading

Helplessness Blues and the End of the World

The world was supposed to end on May 21, 2011. The day of the Rapture was upon us, and I was in a car with four other people on the way from Rochester,… Continue reading

The “Laughing Village”

In 1962, girls started laughing uncontrollably in a rural village in Tanganyika, now Tanzania. I first heard about this on the RadioLab podcast about Laughter. Check it out here: http://www.radiolab.org/2008/feb/25/contagious-laughter/ . Happy Travels!

Plitvice: Land of Waterfalls and Lakes

Plitvice Lakes National Park is the oldest national park in Southeast Europe, and the largest national park in Croatia. With its bountiful waterfalls and lakes, the park looks like a Garden of Eden,… Continue reading

Music to Travel By: Givers

If you are searching for that perfect summer soundtrack, then look to the band Givers. The Lafayette, LA quintet features poppy vocals, upbeat guitar hooks, and a head-bopping beat. Picture yourself driving on… Continue reading