A New Take on Boarding Passes

Tyler Thompson makes an amazing point in Boarding Pass Fail. Boarding passes these days can be a bit confusing and they all look the same! He suggests making them easier to read and… Continue reading

The Budgeted Backpacker’s Guide to Gear

Reaching the summit of a mountain after days of hiking is an exciting moment for a hiker, and she did it because of her stamina, drive, and, her equipment. Backpacking gear can either… Continue reading

South End Adventures: Part Three

Music to Travel By: Fleet Foxes

Just another installment of Music to Travel By. Going on a road trip through the countryside anytime soon? Or down a straight highway for a while? Then listen to Fleet Foxes. This Seattle… Continue reading

The Pinnacle of Majesty: Mountains Beyond Mountains

The Art of Blending In

So, this is me: I went to Costa Rica a few years back with a group from my high school. We were doing community service at a school in a small town called… Continue reading

How to Survive Traveler’s Anxiety

Today I am taking the T to Harvard Square from Downtown Boston to go to Waltham for the weekend. It is a fifteen minute, twenty minute maximum ride on the subway.┬áNo biggie right?… Continue reading

South End Adventures: Part Two

Just a few pictures from the area. Enjoy!

South End Adventures: Part One – Ethiopian Food

Just got back from dinner at this fabulous Ethiopian restaurant, Addis Red Sea. This tiny places is located on Tremont Street in the South End of Boston. When we arrived at the restaurant,… Continue reading

How to Pack Your Suitcase

Do you struggle to zip your suitcase closed? Are there clothes falling out of the bag everywhere? Then you may suffer from what I call the “Bad Packers Syndrome.” Whether your vacation is… Continue reading