“The Roadtrip Checklist”

Saw this and thought it was pretty amazing. Checking off all of these to-do’s would make for a great trip. So get started! Happy Travels! Advertisements

Shattered Expectations: Providence, RI

Let me start by saying that you can’t walk into a trip with any expectations. You last saw me leaving New York City on a sunny, pleasant, Sunday afternoon with Sara, the driver,… Continue reading

New York City Experienced

The city that never sleeps. The Big Apple. The capital of the world. The City. All of its names and monikers, New York City. It is fabulous and fast-paced, and after six years,… Continue reading

Mars: Mission Accomplished

The Mars Rover Curiosity, launched November 26, 2011, successfully landed on Mars late last night, marking the most extreme level of travel in modern history thus far. We’ve made it to Mars. Curiosity… Continue reading

The 46er Series: Algonquin

This hike made me question why I hiked at all. Algonquin, the second tallest peak in New York, at 5,114 ft., punched me in the gut, kicked me in the knees, and threw… Continue reading

Travel Easy: Toothy Tabs

I am always trying to find the perfect travel-sized products to make my life more travel-friendly. Better to more easily pack up and go. The tiny toothbrushes are fantastic and mini toothpaste tubes… Continue reading

Music to Travel By: The Songs of Summer

In honor of the recent Summer Solstice, I have come up with a great summer playlist that is perfect for travelling anywhere: Sweet Thing – Change Of Seasons I first heard this song… Continue reading

I’m Partying!: Spring Awakening Music Festival 2012

The Spring Awakening Music Festival, not to be confused with the popular musical, was an amazing experience! Everyone who was there was thoroughly enjoying everything about the festival. The DJs were insane, the… Continue reading

The 46er Series: Phelps

Phelps, Phelps, Phelps. My third 46er, the 32nd tallest, was a pain to get through. The four of us started off nice and early in the morning. The sun was out and the… Continue reading

Travel Pretty: Makeup

There are some people who don’t wear makeup when they travel. I cannot say that I am one of those people. Personally, I need a little something on my face before I go… Continue reading